Connected Devices.  IoT Built For You.


NRGXP brings your ideas to reality.  We're a multi-disciplinary technology company with a focus on building and integrating devices in the IoT Ecosystem.  More than a traditional engineering or design firm, NRGXP creates the comprehensive, connected solutions of tomorrow. Our team is comprised of leaders in their fields, delivering a blend of expertise in software development, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial design.

NRGXP is your key to success.  Our process is streamlined, our team is assembled.  All we need is a great idea: Your idea.


NRGXP Is Your R&D Department.



Together, the NRGXP team works closely with you to capture both the broad view and details that are critical to your vision.  Leveraging our diverse competencies, we research existing industry trends and evaluate available technology to chart your course through the world of patents, prototypes and supply chains.  We evaluate and refine your idea, creating a road map to success.


Successful projects start with experienced project management. Whether you require fully-functioning prototypes or simply the software and hardware building blocks needed to move forward, you can expect fully-vetted designs suitable for marketing and production. At NRGXP, we only develop real-world solutions.


The first step to production is a marketable design. NRGXP can assist you with the next steps too. Our manufacturing strategy experts will work with you to build a mass-production plan. You will be ideally prepared to hand over assembly workflow and high-volume production to the contract manufacturers and suppliers necessary for competition in an economy of scale.


NRGXP Has The Tools & The Experience.

SolidWorks, FARO, MasterCam, Altium, Ansys HFSS, Matlab

Software Development

Specialization in real-time embedded firmware/software, backend infrastructure (AWS), mobile platforms/devices (iOS/Android).

Electrical Engineering

Mixed signal PCB layout and design, custom RF antenna design and simulation, complete IC circuit design.

Mechanical Engineering

Materials science, FEA/CFD modeling and simulation, tooling and fixturing design, automated manufacturing.

Industrial Design

Product ideation and conceptualization, UI/UX design, 3D modeling and prototyping, design for manufacture.


Large format, multi-axis low density machining, controls engineering, 3D scanning and point cloud generation.

Research & Development

Machine learning, algorithm development, computer vision, digital signal processing.